What is Boostiny?

Boostiny is the ultimate revenue generation solution for both influencers and affiliates.

The concept is quite simple, yet incredibly useful and powerful. Here are some of the features of Boostiny:

  1. Unique and exclusive coupons from top brands and advertisers in the MENA region… Created for YOU ONLY!
  2. Unlimited number of coupons
  3. Real-time revenue monitoring, your progress, and your most performing campaigns 
  4. Commission per sale, leads, or download 
  5. Access to a powerful reporting tool, to leverage accurate and detailed insights on every single campaign, coupon, date range, revenue…etc. 

In summary, Boostiny is the must-have platform for anyone who wants to make money and generate revenues using the power of COUPONS!


Boostiny is a web platform, but also a mobile App for iOS and Android, where you can have in your hand, an easy access to apply to new campaigns and manage your coupons easily and copy them with one finger to be shared.

If you are not a Booster already, come join the 4000+ MENA-based influencers and affiliates. 

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