The ultimate revenue generation solution for both
influencers and affiliates.

About Boostiny

Boostiny is the first mobile advertising network in North Africa and the Middle East aimed at providing a specialized mobile advertising experience to advertisers, nano-influencers, developers and mobile users across the region. Boostiny's state of the art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses.

Why Boostiny?

The concept is quite simple, yet incredibly useful and powerful. Here are some of the features of Boostiny

Accessible dashboard

In order to monitor your activities and understand your volume of generated sales and revenue, Boostiny provides you with a real-time dashboard that allows you to monitor their business.

Detailed real-time analysis

Boostiny’s dashboard gives you access to all the details of your coupons and their performance. Users can access each coupon and get all the data related to a campaign simply by clicking on it.

24/7 Access to new campaigns

The dashboard doesn’t only display your current campaigns, it also allows you to know the top performing campaigns that you haven’t started working on, and allows you to use them whenever you want.

Customizable reporting

With a set of 9 different filters, your reports can display the data that you’re most interested in monitoring. The dashboard’s reports are designed to fit all the dimensions and metrics you prefer to use.

Reports on every coupon

You are given the ability to monitor the performance of every single coupon you utilize. This allows you to better enhance your online activities and performance.

Start today! Boostiny is a web platform, and a mobile App for iOS and Android that allows you to leverage the wide world of coupons. Boostiny is the platform that guarantees access to tens of exclusive campaigns that guarantee sales as coupons have been proven to be one of the most effective sales methods. If you are not a Booster already, come join the 4000+ MENA-based influencers and affiliates who are enjoying the benefits of the coupon model, by cooperating with the masters of coupons in the MENA region.