Data Management For Unified Audience Behaviour Across Connected Devices

DMP For Audience Targeting With Data Signals
Personas – The MENA Region’s 1st Data Management Platform

Over 36 Mn+ Devices IDs profiled in GCC.

Create Custom Audience Cohorts With
1st Party, 2nd Party & 3rd Party Data

Activate relevant audience cohorts built across 1st party, 2nd, and 3rd party data audiences using data management platform. Leverage personalization at scale and start targeted advertising with Boostiny

1st Party Data

The audience data that you collect directly from the audience or customers. This can include behavior, consumption & subscription patterns

2nd Party Data

Data about the audience from another business. Typically used for enhancing or enriching the data points about your
owned audience

3rd Party Data

Data collected by independent third parties that can be data aggregators and is also used for obtaining specific signals about your owned audiences

Go Niche & Target Specific Audience Segments
Built Using Affinity Modelling & Intent Scoring

Fashion & Apparel

Consumer Electronics

Grocery And Food

Jewellery And Lifestyle

Health And Hygiene

Department Store

Fitness And Sports

Furniture And Home

Build Insight, Forecast Behaviour & Measure Campaign Uplift

There are three stages of understanding & processing information about your consumers and we categorise them into:
  • Drive Insights: This is typically the first stage wherein most of the data experts spends maximum time and effort to analyze the information.
  • Gain Knowledge: This is the second stage where you would gain knowledge from the data and the impact it can have on your business
  • Forecast: This is the ultimate stage when you are able to use the knowledge from data points and to build a prediction model for consumer behaviour.

Enhance Targeting Capabilities With Top Data-Led Partnerships

Boostiny's partnership with Oracle & Huawei opens new capabilities to targeting. Leverage future read marketing using Contextual targeting by Oracle and On device targeting by Huawei Ads.

Consumer Privacy First Platform. Regional Data Privacy Compliant

There are no federally applicable data protection laws in the Middle East, and also no specific law governs the processing of personal data by public sector institutions. We are a step ahead in laying our foundations around the seven principles of GDPR and are compliance-ready.

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