Top coupon marketing strategies to grow sales during Black Friday

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The biggest shopping festival extravaganza is just around the corner. While the shoppers are set to shop to their heart’s content by indulging in the heavy discounts, retailers will be busy charting out strategies to make Black Friday a roaring success for their businesses. This time of the year is crucial for brands as a solid marketing strategy can see them generate more than 20 percent of their annual revenues in November alone. And to achieve the desired results in this cut-throat competition, marketers must be on top of their game.

Of course, just doling out significant discounts and deals is not the only way to get your customers to spend on your product. Therefore, much effort will go into designing your marketing campaigns to reach out to your audience at the right place and time. This blog will provide top coupon marketing techniques to the brands participating in the Black Friday sale to help them make the most out of the mega sale event.

Personalized Coupons

Creating personalized discount coupons for your regular customers based on their earlier shopping habits is a sure-shot way to get more conversions during the shopping festival. Many research reports have suggested that today’s shoppers like to shop with brands that offer highly personalized deals and promotions. Customers will get hundreds of coupons to choose from during Black Friday, out of which most will be of no use. So, brands must only send meaningful and relevant coupons by dividing consumers into different segments. Also, the customer feels valued and unique on receiving the promotions crafted especially for them, thus more likely to redeem the offer. Besides a high redemption rate, this coupon also aids in forging a long-lasting relationship between the brands and the consumers.

Time-bound Coupons

The Black Friday shopping sale has transformed into a more than 8-week phenomenon in the MENA region, where shoppers are looking at special days like Halloween, Singles’ Day, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year to shop for themselves and their loved ones. As a result, the opportunity has become much more extensive for e-commerce brands in the region. Therefore, for brands to get the maximum out of the coupons they have shared with their customers, they need to create a sense of urgency for them to act. According to various research reports, a time-bound coupon that needs the receiver to act promptly or within a limited time window has shown far more response rates than coupons where consumers have much time to act. In addition, time-bound coupons are a great way to convert tentative or uncertain customers to shop for the product and the brand.

Influencer Promoted Coupons

As mentioned earlier, Black Friday in MENA has become a more elaborate shopping event; hence, to take advantage of the high-shopping intent, brands in the region must collaborate with social media influencers to promote specific shopping day sales and improve sales for brands. And with unique coupon codes assigned to every creator, brands can also track the influencers’ performance effectively. Furthermore, consumers are also looking for suggestions from their favorite content creators on the latest gadgets and trending products they should buy during the shopping festival. According to a recent report, more than 20% of shoppers purchase following a recommendation from the influencers they follow. So, collaborating with social media influencers should be on top of the to-do lists for brands in MENA to succeed with their coupon marketing initiatives.

Coupons to convert abandoned carts

During the Black Friday shopping frenzy, many shoppers abandon their cart for various reasons, including being unsure about the products, looking for another alternative, finding discount coupons, or thinking about completing the purchase later. And once the cart is abandoned, it is challenging for brands to get the customer to complete the transaction. But ignoring it can be catastrophic. So instead, marketers should use customer data to send reminders to the shoppers about the products in their cart and ask them to complete the purchase. They must incentivize the customer by providing additional discount coupons on the items in the cart to make them take favorable action. This technique will improve the cart conversion rate for brands significantly.

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